A Thing I Like: Neon Signs

For those of you who follow along over on Project Neon, it’s not exactly a secret that I like neon signs, and I’ve certainly talked about it in a lot of places. Still, though, the “Thing I Like” series wouldn’t be complete without a few words on those magical glowing tubes.

A Thing I Like: The Lampposts of Central Park

The lampposts of Central Park have a secret beyond their alluring glow.

A Thing I Like: Volvelles

Another thing I like: volvelles, those wonderful, graphical disks of knowledge.

A Thing I Like: Getting Lost

Not all who wander are lost, but some of us are for a moment here or there.

A Thing I Like: Afterglow (Marcellus Hall & The Hostages, 2013)

Music for living and learning.

A Thing I Like: Registration Marks

Registration marks are intriguing and beautiful, don’t you agree?

Things I Like (& Why): Preface

The first entry in a new series: Things I like (and why.)