A Thing I Like: Neon Signs

For those of you who follow along over on Project Neon, it’s not exactly a secret that I like neon signs, and I’ve certainly talked about it in a lot of places. Still, though, the “Thing I Like” series wouldn’t be complete without a few words on those magical glowing tubes.


A very small part of a Special Mention at the Venice Architectural Biennale for yours truly.

Daytime Explorations

A new (daytime) project to explore the city…

Kick It

A brief guide to the way of Kickstarter.

Project Neon Needs You!

Please help me fund an iPhone app for Project Neon on Kickstarter–the deadline’s May 30th!

The Pruitt-Igoe Myth

A new documentary about the infamous Pruitt-Igoe housing project in St. Louis and its iconic demolition.

The Self Education of An Architect

A new project starting… now!

Hypothetical Developments

A fun art project re-imagining the possibilities of architectural rendering signs.

Drawings & Desire

Introducing The Fulfillment Center, a new project from the maker of Catasterist.

Vest Pocket Nation Building

Designing something bigger than a mere building.