This Is Pissing Me Off

Robert Scarano has been banned by the NYC DOB from submitting drawings. But what are NCARB and the AIA doing about him?

Objects of My Affection

A very brief visit to a couple of my crushes.

Eddies in the Flow

The Islets of Midtown are here to stay.

Adventuring in Laurelton + Rosedale

Visible evidence of an afternoon spent in the far reaches of Queens County.

More Evidence of Addiction

NNYPC update.


Vote on your favorites from the first round of photos I took for the New New York Photography Corps project.

No Image Available… Yet

I’m embarking on an adventure with the New New York Photography Corps.

Up in the Sky Line

A sunset walk along the High Line.

Buildinglets by the Bay

Candela Structures, online.

About the Night Before Last

A few more words about sewerage.

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