A Thing I Like: Grand Central Terminal

A building close to my heart.

A Thing I Like: Getting Lost

Not all who wander are lost, but some of us are for a moment here or there.

Project Neon Needs You!

Please help me fund an iPhone app for Project Neon on Kickstarter–the deadline’s May 30th!

Neon Update

Updates on Project Neon!

An Architecture Guide for Your Magic Phone, Candelas Included

The Candela Structures on your magic phone.

A Call for Technological Advice

Do you or someone you know have experience with iPhone apps? Help me make a Pocket Field Guide to New York City’s neon!

Urban Explorations

In search of neon and beautiful ruins.

A Couple of Small Candela Updates

A new clue to the design development of the Candela Structures, and a DIY sign-modification update.

Triangle Story, Scouted

The story of a tiny triangle in the West Village, brought to you by the always awesome Scouting NY.


Bright lights in the city of roses.

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