A Thing I Like: Neon Signs

For those of you who follow along over on Project Neon, it’s not exactly a secret that I like neon signs, and I’ve certainly talked about it in a lot of places. Still, though, the “Thing I Like” series wouldn’t be complete without a few words on those magical glowing tubes.

Sound Advice

Advice for those studying architecture.

Project Neon

The Project Neon show opens Friday the 23rd at the City Reliquary.

Picture Pages

Just a quick note to say that you can see my neon photos on the New Yorker blog.

On Newsstands Now

Project Neon is the talk of the town!

Project Neon Needs You!

Please help me fund an iPhone app for Project Neon on Kickstarter–the deadline’s May 30th!

Neon Update

Updates on Project Neon!

A Call for Technological Advice

Do you or someone you know have experience with iPhone apps? Help me make a Pocket Field Guide to New York City’s neon!

Miscellaneous Bits of Interestingness from Here and There

Catching up on all the great stuff in my “To Post On Catasterist” folder. Happy Christmas Eve!

Urban Explorations

In search of neon and beautiful ruins.

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