A Thing I Like: Neon Signs

For those of you who follow along over on Project Neon, it’s not exactly a secret that I like neon signs, and I’ve certainly talked about it in a lot of places. Still, though, the “Thing I Like” series wouldn’t be complete without a few words on those magical glowing tubes.

A Thing I Like: The Lampposts of Central Park

The lampposts of Central Park have a secret beyond their alluring glow.

A Thing I Like: Volvelles

Another thing I like: volvelles, those wonderful, graphical disks of knowledge.

A Thing I Like: Registration Marks

Registration marks are intriguing and beautiful, don’t you agree?


Terroir and architecture: some thoughts on what I love in food and what I’ve been missing in architecture.


Fun & games from the world of modeling.

Design Memories

Memories of my first computer.

The Inside Story

Sectionality is beautiful and educational.

Tiny Worlds All Around Us

Great architectural vignettes made from found objects by Toronto photographer David Trautrimas.

Clean Up

Miscellaneous design links for your weekend enjoyment & edification.

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