Catasterist <3 Summer

The expansive space of summer is a delight, even when it’s 103 degrees.

Keys to the City

A wonderful new project from Creative Time.

Ten Things I Like

Some good stuff you might like to see.

Vest Pocket Nation Building

Designing something bigger than a mere building.


This and that—assorted reports from Catasterist World Headquarters.

Haptic Inspiration

Objects of desire from Emily Fischer.

Make the Walls Invisible, For Just One Night

A great site-specific video installation last weekend in north Brooklyn.


A few choice tidbits gleaned from the wide world of the web.

Objects in Nature: Rune Guneriussen

The dreamy photos of Norwegian photograper Rune Guneriussen set everyday objects free to explore the world.

In the Mail

Art, memory, and scale.

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