I love architectural-scale art that reimagines some mundanity. I’m in no state for expeditions at the moment (been under the …


A wonderful installation by Sonja Vordermaier.

Project Neon

The Project Neon show opens Friday the 23rd at the City Reliquary.

So Many

There’s a fellow who is drawing all the buildings in New York, and he’s having a show (opens Wednesday).

Think Small

An intriguing upcoming show about the frayed edges of reality at the Museum of Arts and Design.

The Presence of Absence

A very cool installation on the Canada-US border near Vancouver from Lead Pencil Studio.

Tiny Coney

The sweet paper scenes of Yumiko Matsui.

Hypothetical Developments

A fun art project re-imagining the possibilities of architectural rendering signs.

Drawings & Desire

Introducing The Fulfillment Center, a new project from the maker of Catasterist.

Drawing Love

The kick-ass architectural embroidery drawings of Peter Crawley.

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