Project Neon

The Project Neon show opens Friday the 23rd at the City Reliquary.

Photographic Love

An amazing photo series culled from all of us.

Neon Update

Updates on Project Neon!

This Just In… From A While Back

Last year’s photos, back in style.

Kickstarting & Volvelles

Some exciting updates here in Catasteristville, including a post about volvelles over on Uni Watch, participation in a cool project by Rob Walker, and updates on the Unemployment Project.


Interesting and amazing bits from around the interwebs.

Abstracted Beauty

A slide show of amazing photos by Christoph Gielen.

Catasterist <3 Summer

The expansive space of summer is a delight, even when it’s 103 degrees.

Up & Running

The New New York Photography Corps website is now online.


A fantastic blog that documents decaying architecture around New York.

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