My name is Kirsten Hively. I’m an architect*, though I have also done other things (including working in web design and research, and studying music) and I take a lot of photos, including of neon signs, which I’ve been documenting on a blog called Project Neon. Eventually I’ll come back here and write a snappy bio, but for now just go ahead and Google me.


Just some stories about architecture, urbanism, and design in general.

So what’s a Catasterist?

Catasterism is to place someone or something (eg Orion) among the stars. So a catasterist would be (if it were a real word) a person who puts people, places, and things among the stars, which could just be a metaphor for recording stories, don’t you think?


Here. Duh.
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Weekdaily for now, unless I take a day off. Since Project Neon has been keeping me very busy lately, my Catasterist posting has slowed down. I hope by the fall I’ll be back to more regular posting.


Because there aren’t enough blogs on the internets yet. No, seriously, because I like to write, because I need to think about these things, and because I want to figure some things out.


How to read Catasterist: again, if you want to subscribe to the RSS feed, go can go here: http://catasterist.com/wp-rss2.php, and if you want to receive email notifications when fascinating new tidbits are posted to the site, subscribe here: http://catasterist.com/subscribe/

How is it made? Well, mostly by pounding my head against a lot of php and css I don’t fully understand. And with the lovely and talented WordPress. As well as help and advice from a more experienced blogger**.

That about sums it up.  Any other questions?  Let me know…  kirsten [at] catasterist [dot] com

*I’m not licensed or anything, but I have a Masters in it and work as it (I left my architecture job a few months ago and wasn’t able to find a new one that offered health insurance and paid enough for me to keep up with my student loans. I hope to return to it soon!)  so there you go. But technically you can get in big trouble calling yourself an architect if you aren’t licensed, so there you are.

**Ack, I hate the word ‘blogger’ but I don’t know a better one.