Design Memories

I just hauled this, my first computer, out if its case. It still works. I bought it with all my saved-up babysitting money back in 1989 when I left for college (yes, I am OLD). As I recall it was three-thousand some dollars with the academic discount.

Wow I was good at drawing in Mac Paint back then. I drew all the bugs in my room once. Also in the Mac SE’s hard drive (named ∞ as its 4,096K of memory seemed nearly infinite) a list of palindromes, the rules to a couple of made-up card games (Floof and Oh, puppy!), an analysis of mode mixture in one section of Schubert’s String Quartet in C Major (opus 163), and more—a time capsule of a long-gone era.

Some people have said they think it’s creepy to be sad that someone you haven’t met who was neither a saint nor a hero has died. It’s always sad, though, when someone dies too young. And when that person made your life better by helping design tools that enabled—no, encouraged—countless cool, beautiful, and important projects, I think it makes sense to mourn a little. He was a man with a clear vision and a strong imagination, and I wish he could have stuck around a little longer. RIP Steve.



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One Response to “Design Memories”

  1. Auntie Linder

    This group of human beans is going to “fix” what? That’s just about as intelligent as anything else going on in this world of ours. Or…is architecture and the World “OURS” any more? NOBODY LISTENS! SOMEBODY DO SOMETHING! Hellllp, Todd……………