The Inside Story

If there’s anything I love more than plan view (hello, Google Earth!), it’s section view. Sections of buildings are a pain to draw for the same reason they are so amazing—they really explain how the building works, what holds it up, how it connects to the ground, how the different parts are attached, and how the different levels related to each other. So much information! Section view seems to be catching on beyond architecture, too. Witness:

Scandybars: sections of candy bars scanned to reveal the delicious innards

Cigar Feet: slices through cigars to reveal the subtle distinctions in wrapping and contents

Cutting Open Toothpaste: the secret of striped toothpaste revealed!

Plus all the great books featuring urban cross-sections like kate Ascher’s Anatomy of A City and David Macaulay’s Underground, among many others.

They are amazing combinations of x-ray specs, dissection, and architectural sections. What other objects can we slice open and look inside?



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