Micro Design

Some say God is in the details (that would be Germans), other say the Devil (Mexicans)—either way that’s where the interest lies. Which, I guess, is why I find micro design so compelling. Whether it’s manhole covers or screw heads, details’ design small size belies the size of their influence on our designed environment.

Bread ties (aka bread tags, bread clips, or those colored plastic things that hold the bread (and other food) bags closed) are cool—the color tells you when the bread was baked, and the shapes are pleasingly varied. Finally (finally!) someone has begun cataloging these micro-gadgets and given them an official-sounding scientific name. Behold the Holotypic Occlapanid Research Group.

They aren’t the first to attempt to classify the variety of bread tags found in the wild, but their scientific rigor gives me hope they will create the definitive taxonomy.  The taxonomy is a bit bare at the moment, though, so I think I’d better scan in a few of my own samples to help fill it out…

PS:  Project Neon Kickstarter update—I’ve been busy getting going on fulfilling all the Kickstarter backer rewards. Many neon photos & posters are piling up in my apartment. I hope to start on membership cards soon, and then they’ll start going out in the mail. I’m also working with the developers to get the iPhone app rolling. More news at it develops.



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