Project Neon Needs You!

Hello, readers.

I’m working on an iPhone app to map New York’s best neon signs—a pocket digital guide that will show you where to find the best glow. It’s going to be really cool—you’ll be able to search for signs, click on thumbnails, and view a map of the signs closest to your current location, plus get more information about each sign including a photo (turn the photo sideways and you’ll see it big). And the best thing?  It’s gonna be free. But to distribute the app for free, I need to raise some money to get the help I need to put it together, so I’ve launched a Kickstarter project with all kinds of great swag, including Project Neon membership cards, beautiful photo prints, amazing posters, and more—so even if you don’t have an iPhone you can get your just reward for supporting Project Neon in this endeavor.

Regardless of whether you can support Project Neon with some $$, I would be much obliged if you would tell your friends, blog, reblog, tweet, Facebookize, and otherwise help me tell the world that something cool is going on. Thanks!  And super special bonus: there’s a free treat for iPhoners just for reading about the project (hint: look for a link near the end of the Kickstarter page).

Oh, and the deadline’s May 30th (yes, my birthday). If we don’t make the goal by then you don’t get charged, I don’t get any money, you don’t get any rewards, I have a very sad birthday, and the project doesn’t happen. So let’s go!


PS:  A very big thank you to the wonderful people who have already backed the project.



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