Hypothetical Developments

Hey, so the Hypothetical Development Organization show happened last weekend at Du Mois Gallery in New Orleans.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t be there, but there are several reports from the field to show & tell how it went.  Here’s one rendering I did for the Treme Authenticity Monument (all renderings were based on actual buildings in New Orleans):

For those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about, the Hypothetical Development Organization imagined futures for unused buildings in New Orleans, and made renderings showing these possibilities, which were installed guerilla-style on the buildings themselves, except in the case of those buildings that turned out to have actual development possibilities turn up, which happened to one of the buildings I based a rendering on. But those drawings along with duplicates of the successfully installed renderings were all on view at the show. The project is explained well over at the Kickstarter site where funds were raised to print the drawings.  Here’s the other rendering I did for a Velvet Rope Artisan Workshop:

One of the owners of Du Mois Gallery, Jean-Paul Villere, shot a video walk-through of the show. Some reviews/mentions of the show appeared on BLDG BLOG, BoingBoing, and Core77.

Many thanks to project organizers Rob Walker, Ellen Susan, and GK Darby. A really great project!

(Above is the Velvet Rope Artisan Workshop being installed on site.)



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