You know how it is when you get more emails from yourself than anyone else? I do! I have emailed myself a link to download mp3s from the NYPL, a book about neon to buy, my perpetually updated and resent to myself list of neon left to photograph (it’s getting shorter!) (that link is to the not-totally-updated map of same), images of some cool cafés for design inspiration, a bakery on the UES to try, a printer to look into buying (still gotta do some more comparison shopping, though), a nifty cat bed to draw for the Fulfillment Center, an article about candy that fights cavities (OK, not exactly design related, but still cool!), an article about totems and city avatars that reminded me of the Stambouli MetroCard thingy still on my keychain (as you’ll know if you’ve been attending Show & Tell at the City Reliquary), an article about the tiny building in Cooper Square that may be saved from the wrecking ball, a different kind of neon project, and three more links gathered in a Post to Catasterist! email:

1. A really great interview over on Urban Omnibus with Raquel Ramati, a New York urban designer. Did you know every public plaza has a plaque listing how many trees and seating areas it contains? I had no idea. I learned all kinds of stuff from this post.

2. Via Swiss Miss, a great video of designer Michael Wolff talking about inspiration and creativity. What great umbrellas he has! I was particularly taken with his description of the “silos” of design.

3. Via Drawn, Austin Kleon’s How to Steal Like an Artist. I didn’t think I was going to like this as much as I did, but it’s great. As he says at the beginning YMMV, but a lot of it rang true to me.

Ha, did you see what I did there? Now I can delete all those emails because they’re all saved here! I will achieve an empty inbox yet, and maybe even answer the real emails from other actual people floating around in there.

It’s not just a link dump, though–I hope some of those links inspire you a bit, too. I’ve been working on a super-secret Project Neon-related thing which I hope to reveal to you soon, so I’ve been extra vigilant about inspiration input.

Oh, and there’s a whole Catasterist folder in my mail with more links…  but I think I’ll save those for another day.



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