Neon Update

Hello there. In case you missed it elsewhere, there are two Project Neon updates. First, a story I wrote about chasing neon was published today on Urban Omnibus. Second, the Project Neon blog is now live over on Tumblr. Every week I’ll visit another neon-ified establishment in New York City, and I’ll post a picture and a short story on the blog. Check out the Subscribe page for various means of keeping up to date.

I have approximately a million Catasterist posts waiting in the queue, but I’m also in the process of recovering from the pink eye. Gross, I know, right? So I’m going to bed early tonight, but I’ll be back soon with more architecture & design. Yup.



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2 Responses to “Neon Update”

  1. jim

    love this project – i hope it keeps going!

  2. Kirsten

    Thanks–it’s been really fun. It may evolve, but I definitely plan to keep it going.