A Call for Technological Advice

Hello Catasterers. I’ve been busily working on Project Neon, including writing upcoming article for the excellent Urban Omnibus site. The article isn’t done yet, but there are more photos available for your viewing pleasure in the Project Neon! set over on Flickr.

I have a question for you: I’ve been thinking that the photos and information I’ve been gathering for Project Neon would make an excellent pocket field guide to New York City’s neon (and maybe even other cities in the future?), and that the best way to do that would be to make an iPhone (and maybe Droid?) app. If you want to hook me up with a book deal, that would be great, too, but I think an app would be fantastic since those of you with magic phones could carry it around with you and refer to it in the field (I would probably make an accompanying website with printable PDFs for those without magic phones).

The only hitch in the plan is that while my design skills are top-notch, my programming skills are rudimentary at best and by now probably totally rusted out. So I’d need to hire a programmer. Programmers, as you may be aware, cost money. But through the magic of Kickstarter I bet I could raise the necessary money by offering lovely prints of the best neon photos as premiums. Yes? Yes!

First, though, I need to get an idea of how much money  I’d need to raise. If any of you have the necessary skills or know someone who does, please speak up! You don’t have to sign on to actually do the programming now (though I’d love it if you did), just help me come up with some budget numbers. It would be great if this programmer had previous app-making experience, but if said person would be willing to charge less and count this as a learning/portfolio-building experience, that could work, too.

So please spread the word, and look for more updates soon!

(The photo below features one of my favorite neon arrows—which is saying something as there are a lot of great arrows in neondom—which is on the Bigelow Chemists sign in the West Village.)



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