Triangle Story, Scouted

Usually when I talk about Scout I mean this Scout, but today the Scout love is also for Scouting New York. I’ve mentioned the site before, but in case you missed it, it’s a really, really great blog from a movie scout in New York. He writes about details of New York City and surroundings (and ocassionally further), and because as a movie scout he has access to all kinds of great places, I often learn a thing or two from his posts. (A good place to start is the favorites page, with enough great New York stories to while away a long autumn evening.)

Today’s dispatch tells the story of an amazing detail in plain sight. I’m sure I’ve walked over this West Village spot and not registered it many times. I’ve probably even trod upon it, but I never looked down and wondered what it meant. Take a look:

Go over to Scouting New York to read the full post, and I highly suggest adding the blog to your regular rotation.

OK, time for me to get back to Hypothetical Development–my rendering is in the home stretch!



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