The Presence of Absence

Most of my energy this week has been taken up with the new job (so far, so good!), a houseguest, and making creamsicle & boozy Vietnamese coffee ice creams and chocolate stout cupcakes for Thanksgiving, so I haven’t done much thinking or working or project-ing, or even skimming around the interwebs. I did, however, come across this beautiful amazing installation from art & architecture collective Lead Pencil Studio called non-sign II on the awesome Dude Craft blog. I found Lead Pencil Studio’s website annoying and difficult to navigate (maybe it’s my browser?), so I have no idea if there was a non-sign I, but this is pretty amazing:

Just a bunch of stainless steel rods outlining a piece of sky or landscape, depending on your point of view. So poetic. I love it–I love the way it looks like a pencil drawing (remind you a bit of a certain blog’s logo?), I like that the lines don’t quite meet at the top, I love that it’s a real thing making an imaginary sign come to life, I love that it’s minimal (just a bunch of stainless steel rods) but also chaotic and dense at the same time. So great!



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