Another tool in the arsenal of the architect of yore is the handy dandy erasing (or eraser) shield.

Fig. 1:  Architect of Yore:

Fig. 2:  Architect of Yore’s Erasing Shield:

This is the same model I have—amazingly it doesn’t even have a brand name on it. It’s made of super-thin (.005″) stainless steel, which makes it useful for all kinds of extra-curricular tasks like scraping off goo, slicing open letters, sliding locked doors open, and reflecting annoying lights into your studiomates’ eyes. All for less than a dollar! More importantly, though, it keeps you from smudging or over-erasing a drawing you’ve been laboring over for days while you erase one little thing or add a highlight to a shaded area. It’s especially useful if you’re employing that savior of hardworking drafters, the electric eraser. I have one of those, too! If you need any high-volume erasing, just send your pages my way and I’ll erase ovals, circles, rounded rectangles, arcs, dots, and teardrops all over it.



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