Plan View of the Magic Kingdom

Reading plans takes a bit of used to. Most people can read a map, more or less (and a map is a kind of plan), but architectural plans can be confusing with their symbols and conventions. Elevations are a *little* more intuitive, but their complete lack of perspective frequently confounds the nonarchitects of the world.

Flickr user enfilm brings plans to the people with 96 (and counting) drawings of attractions from the Magic Kingdom (see enfilm’s other sets for Disney World and Tokyo & Paris.) It’s been years since I set foot in Disneyland (E Tickets, anyone?) and I’ve never been to Disney World , Paris, or Tokyo, but I love pouring over these drawings. Well, it’s true that I love looking at elevations, plans, and especially sections anyway, but a section of the Matterhorn? Fun! (I’m a geek, I know.)

As you can see, the quality of the images isn’t top notch, and I have no idea at all how accurate they are, but it’s a great project. Thanks enfilm! (Found via the fantastic Murketing Tumblr.)



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