Kickstarting & Volvelles

News flash! Check out the piece I wrote about volvelles over on Uni Watch, home of the obsessive study of athletics aesthetics. The astute among you may remember that I wrote about them for Catasterist before I started my own collection, which is described in the Uni Watch piece and can be seen over on Flickr.

News flash! Check out this cool project I’m participating in: Hypothetical Development (which the astute among you may remember I also wrote about recently). Riffing on those renderings you always see proclaiming the gleaming glass tower about to replace your favorite tavern, the project (led by Rob Walker) is posting signs featuring more fanciful renderings around New Orleans, where too many promises of  a shiny happy future have been broken. The signs tell imaginative stories about the future, beyond the usual ‘luxury condos coming soon!’ paradigm. Copies of the signs will also be shown at Du Mois Gallery in New Orleans, and I’m making one of the renderings. Stay tuned for further updates, but in the mean time, you can support fabrication costs for the signs and learn more about the project over on Kickstarter.

News flash! My favorite Unemployment Project so far is architectural: a processed photo of the NYC skyline (from a photo originally taken for the New New York Photography Corps). I’ll post better pictures when I get it up on a wall and the sun comes out.

Other things are in the works, so stay tuned for further news flashes…



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