After an afternoon of wrestling with an uncooperative job application on some antediluvian library computers with limited session times (‘Your session will terminate in 6 minutes. All unsaved work will be lost.”) I was seriously in need of a pick-me-up. Luckily I was on Tenth Street, two doors down from Ninth Street Espresso, a serene spot with most excellent coffee. I sat on a low bench while I waited for the barista (did you know barista means bartender in Italian?) to compose my macchiato (which means ‘stained’ in Italian, either coffee ‘stained’ with a bit of foamed milk or vice versa, though usually the former in the US), and noticed that Ninth Street has one of my all time favorite details: bag hooks under the lovely solid-wood bar. Every bar and counter in every coffee shop and bar should have these. So simple! So useful! But man, feeling under a bar to see if there are any hooks there is the worst. Blech–who knows what you’ll find. I wish there was some kind of signal they were there, like a band wrapping up over the bar or a post extending through the bar to the top surface. Even without that, though, bar hooks are the best.



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