Typography Evangelizing

On Wednesday, super design blogger Swiss Miss posted a link to Typography for Lawyers, a lovely and educational website designed to convince lawyers of the power and possibility of typography in their line of work, and give them a quick education in the basics. Perhaps I should, as a public service, make a Typography for Architects site? It blows my mind how few architects understand graphic design in general and typography in particular, especially considering a large portion of our work is about communication and persuasion. I’m not saying everyone on earth (or even just those in the world of architecture) needs to understand proportional spacing or know why we call it leading, but come on architects, you should at least know that it’s important enough to entrust the task of typography to someone who gets it. Yes, the drawings are important, but the drawings almost always have words on them, as do the contracts, proposals, portfolios, and websites. And if you don’t know what your typography is saying about you, your firm, and your design, it’s probably saying something you wouldn’t like to hear.



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