The Bricks of St. Louis

Did you know St. Louis bricks were a thing? I had no idea until I read in the New York Times that thieves have been setting fire to houses in St. Louis (and elsewhere)  in order to steal bricks (well washed, after the fire fighters are done with them).

Bricks are regional by nature—they’re made of the very soil of a place and there are a million different ways to fire and finish them. But I did not know that St. Louis bricks were particularly special. Apparently they are much in demand, and there’s even a documentary in the works about them. Some day I’ll have to get to St. Louis and see those bricks for myself.

Bonus fact: were I grew up in Anchorage there are almost no brick buildings—making brick buildings safe for earthquake-prone areas is difficult, and so there wasn’t enough demand for any large brick factories. There was a single brick house on Northern Lights Boulevard I walked past every day on the way to school (the only brick house I ever remember seeing), and we used to say that it was built with bricks mailed up from the Lower 48. True? I have no idea. It does seem unlikely. But I think that lone brick house is part of why I still love bricks today.



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