Wish Me Luck

Hey-o, I have some news:  I am leaving my job. My last day will be September 15, so I’m busy hustling to find a new job as soon as possible. I’ve also been busy at work trying to cram in as many IDP intern/licensing hours as I can before I leave, both to help me be more flexible about the next job and because they’re changing the rules in October, so I could potentially have to do even more hours in any unfinished categories. Ugh.

So I apologize for neglecting catasterist.com lately; I probably won’t do more than an occasional short post for the next month while I find the excellent, interesting, highly-paid job that is out there waiting for me. But that doesn’t mean nothing else is going on—no! I’m still working on the Fulfillment Center, and although the New New York Photography Corps show is no longer up at Governors Island, there is some possibility it may move to Europe, and it may even become a book. Updates as they arrive.

So if you want to hire me, or just want to suggest an excellent, cool, interesting architecture firm I should apply to, let me know! I’m hoping to find a small firm, but I may broaden my horizons, maybe even beyond architecture to other areas of design. And even if you don’t have any suggestions, wish me luck!


PS: Here’s a site that’s been making me happy during this somewhat chaotic transitional period:  Things Organized Neatly. Isn’t it satisfying to look at things organized neatly? I think so.



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