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An announcement:  I have started a new project. I know what some of you are thinking. Here is someone who doesn’t need yet another project. Someone who has been neglecting this blog while photographing all kinds of things from registration symbols to urban details, making a ton of ice cream, working on licensing requirements, making gin, biking, etc., etc. True! I can’t deny any of it, and just last night I was busy firing pendants and knitting a wire bracelet. But working on too many projects is in my nature (though it’s periodically broken up with stretches of abandoning everything but the one thing I’m immersed in). I need outlets, people, and I crave cross-fertilization. I have a hungry, restless, relentless mind. Or maybe I just drink too much coffee.

The thing I recently found myself very much needing an outlet for is drawing. I would like to be a better drawer, and the act of drawing is a slow, immersing meditation on a thing, which can be a tall cool glass of water during the long hot days of overcaffeination and REM living. I was doing a little drawing at work (just some graphics for a map), which is something I rarely do, and I realized how much I miss it. I used to carry a sketchbook around, but I haven’t done that lately. So I started a drawing blog. And what better thing to draw than things I like and want? They’re a bit challenging, since I don’t have the thing in front of me but have to work off of other people’s images, but it’s pleasing to celebrate something I like and think about its shape and color.

The new project is also about desire, delayed gratification, and anticipation. As a trained designer I care deeply about the forms of the things around me, but as an underpaid architect I don’t always have the ability to buy the most wonderful things right away. So I will channel all that into some nice drawings.

It’s The Fulfillment Center because the drawings are for sale for the price it would cost to acquire the subject of the drawing. So if someone* buys the drawing of the Tremont Nail Sample Set, I will mail off a print and then use the funds acquired to go buy the awesome display of the history of nails and post of photo of the acquisition. So in addition to the art aspect,  it’s also an elaborate trade, and a project about value and money and possibility. (You can see all the drawings arrayed on the archive page.)

Mostly, though, it’s just about the drawing. Drawing is fun! You should try it!

* Unfortunately, close friends and family are not eligible to participate, except during periods of exemption including major holidays and birthdays.



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