A Bridge, Named

It’s really fun to leave a mark on the world, as graffitists have known for centuries. I have succeeded in leaving a small mark in Google Maps—too small, probably, for any of you to notice without my pointing it out, so here it is (before above and current below):

Yes, it’s true: I convinced Google Maps to include the name of the John Jay Byrne Memorial Bridge (though ‘Memorial’ was left out, presumably for reasons of space). The bridge itself is tiny (particularly by New York City standards) and its corresponding real estate on Google Maps so small you have to be at least at the fourth-from-largest magnification level to see the name, but still I’m pretty pleased with myself. It’s nice to know that I can affect something as enormous, and enormously useful, as Google Maps just by sending an email.

I’ve also added the Candela Structures to Google Maps. Finally! It always bugged me that they were missing. My edits are as yet unverified, but I can only hope that the Google verifiers will smile kindly on the addition of such a cool landmark to their map.



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