Browning the Greenspaces

There’s a new subway map out, and I have to say I am not a big fan. Not only does it portray those worrying service cuts, it also cuts back on design. I suppose the further engorgement of Manhattan can be justified by the larger number of subway lines and stops, but can we at least get a prominent ‘not to scale?’ I’m convinced generations of straphangers are getting a skewed sense of the boros’ relative sizes. And why oh why did they have to change the color of parks to that boogery brown? It makes the whole city look depressing. Bring back the green!

Above is a detail of the map. Compare the shape of Central Park to the slightly more accurate shape in, say, Google Maps. And glorious Prospect Park has become a beige blotch near the lower right.  You can view the full map as a PDF file at the MTA website or in a subway near you.



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