I do like smokestacks. Despite the fact they represent pollution and worse, the despicable notion that shoving the pollution up above our heads makes it go away, they are compositionally beautiful—elegant reminders that things are (or more often were) made here. Like steeples of industry, they mark important places.

As many of you know I got a new bike recently (happy early birthday to me!), so I’ve been riding around a lot, usually bringing a camera with me. Here are a couple of Greenpoint smokestacks that caught my eye on recent rides:

I often dislike things that taper. It’s not the tapering per se, but that there are so many ways to do it wrong. This smokestack, though, has found truth: a gentle taper, a brief widening, beautiful facets to catch the evening sun, and a stepped cornice to top it all off. I also like the varigated coloring of the bricks, lightening at the top. That’s no doubt due to repairs with mismatched bricks, but that doesn’t make it any less appealing an effect.

This one says—can you see it?—JUST PACKAGING. I love words on architecture, especially when they’re vertical like this. I can rarely resist taking a picture of this smokestack whenever I pass.

In summary, I would just like to say: smokestacks = awesome.



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