The Design of Round Things, Part II

Anyone who has followed my Flickr feed knows I like manhole covers (well, some of them are still over at the old Flickr account—I still haven’t finished transferring images from there). Like coffee cup lids, they are ubiquitous enough to be nearly invisible, but fascinating when you take a closer look. There are different covers for different kinds of utilities, different covers in different cities, even manhole covers to mark occasions, like the Year 2000 manhole covers designed by Karim Rashid for ConEd.

I always wondered about the “Made in India” on many manhole covers here. How strange to make something so heavy so far away. I only just recently came across a New York Times story from 2007 about the how they are made, and the reasons for making them so far away are the usual ones. I wonder, are any made closer to home? They must be, right?



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