Ten Things I Like

It’s been an exhausting week and I’m STILL behind on putting all kinds of wonderful things up here, so in an effort to at least begin to clear the decks while simultaneously thinking of happy, good, and wonderful things rather than rainy days, Mondays, and bosses who make you work all weekend, here is a quick list of ten things I have come across recently and like.  I want to steal, adapt, borrow, or participate in all of them.

1. Pencil v. Camera

A great Flickr set of photos with drawings superimposed. Like so:


Lauren Pascarella’s photo assemblages

Somewhere between panoramic photos, architectural models, and assemblages. I definitely want to try something like this, just have to find the right building to do it with…

Architectural Analyses of Couch Forts

Too much of an inside joke for non-architects? I don’t know, but it made me laugh. Some pretty sweet couch forts, too.

Colors in Cultures

From David McCandless’ always elegantly informative Information is Beautiful blog, a chart showing the different meanings of colors across cultures. Worth a look.

Yarn Bombing

Not the first instance of public yarn installations, but a nicely executed one by Magda Sayeg on Lamar Boulevard in Austin.

The New York Metropolitan Flora Project

I have some issues with the catch phrase ‘native plants’ (At what point are plants native? When Columbus arrived?  When someone first documented them? Yesterday? Plants are always coming and going.), but this is still a great project by the Brooklyn Botanic Garden that documents all the plants within a 50-mile radius of New York City.  (The link from the article is broken—find the BBG information here.)

Humble Homes

A sweet handmade zine-like book by Derek Diedricksen about tiny houses. Love.

Scouting New York

Possibly my favorite blog ever. Full of amazing things found in and around New York by Nick Carr, a movie location scout. I named one of my kittens Scout shortly after starting to read this blog… coincidence?

Bamboo Bike Studio

Man, if I had $932 to drop on a bike, I would so love to do the Bamboo Bike Studio weekend workshop where you build your own bike, and support the Studio’s mission to establish bamboo-bike factories in Ghana and Kenya. Nice.

10.  Mojo Jojo the Flying Wondercat and Scout the Magnificent

These are my cats. They are awesome, and they make an excellent finale to this list, as I need to go repair Fort Kitten now—the cardboard-box fort I made for them. (That’s Mojo below. You can see way too many pictures of both kittens at Flickr.)



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One Response to “Ten Things I Like”

  1. Deek

    Hey, flattered for the inclusion in your top ten. Your blog/site is great too! Thanks so much.

    -Derek “Deek” Diedricksen
    Host of “Tiny Yellow House” TV
    Author of “Humble Homes, Simple Shacks….”