Pollen Greetings

A brief intermission from our regularly scheduled architalk to acknowledge allergy season. It’s a drag being all itchy and sniffly, though I gotta say I have—knock on wood—gotten off relatively easy so far this year.

I was at a discussion of culinary micro-histories (a really interesting topic, yes?) and got to doodling as I am want to do when sitting in an audience listening to people talk (some habits of architecture school are difficult to uproot) and started drawing about allergies. Thus were born the cards for the season the big greeting card companies have ignored: allergy season. (And by the way, allergies and their evil sidekick asthma, are not unrelated to urban design—building materials, landscape choices, and ventilation design can all affect them both.)

Whether or not you have allergies yourself, you can now let the allergy sufferers in your life know you’re thinking of them this spring with these handy dandy pollen greeting cards. Just download the PDF (click on the image to open the PDF file), print, trim, and fold. Three designs to choose from!




The fine print:  you are free to download, print, and share these for personal use, but please don’t repost without a credit and link to this page, and don’t sell them.  Thanks!



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