Fan Club & Bad News, Good News, Bad News

Hey, I completely forgot to mention that the Candela Structures have a fan page on Facebook. Are you a Facebooker? If yes, go on and fan them. Not only will you look cool to all your friends and stalkers, you’ll show moral support to the Candela Structures, who are out are there braving the elements 24/7:

Candela Structures Fans Unite!

On the bad news / good news / bad news front (all ARE related), I was first of all dismayed to see this on the NCARB website:

There is no Macintosh application for this program [to practice for the drawing sections of the exams]. If you do not have access to an IBM-compatible PC or if you are not running a Windows-based operating system, you may contact your local Prometric Test Center to schedule practice time at a rate of $12 per hour.

Nice. But then, good news: I discovered that I had a forgotten-about copy of Virtual PC on this old beast, and it runs their lame-o program pretty well. Hooray! But then, bad news: due to unforeseen circumstances, I’m gong to have to put off the tests for a bit. Drat, and I was more than 3/4 of the way through the construction documents  study books. But as I said, those tests take focus and I have to focus on something else for a bit (feel free to email me if you’re dying of curiosity). One thing at a time, my friends. But I’m sure I’ll be back at it soon, hopefully in less than a month, fingers crossed.



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