Haptic Inspiration

Do you know about Emily Fischer and her Soft-Maps? They are quilts of neighborhood maps—last time I checked she was just making Williamsburg quilts, but now there are all kinds of neighborhoods and custom possibilities. I can’t believe I haven’t written about her before (though I did write about other map-quilts)—I’ve been admiring her work for a while now, though it’s a bit, ahem, beyond my budget.

I knew a bit about Emily’s story before (she’s a recovering architect, for starters), but ReadyMade just posted a great interview with her. It’s short and career-oriented, but it was like a mini studio visit.

Her story is particularly inspirational to me, not because she left architecture (not my plan, and she didn’t really go so far away—mapping is a big part of architecting, as is making things, shelter, art, etc.) but because she found this amazing niche, because she makes amazing things that are about home and place (and that grew out of her thesis project!), because she’s a crafter who doesn’t do bows and ruffles, and because she runs her business herself. All in all a really cool person.



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