The weather today is decidedly unphotogenic (grey, with intermittent pouring rain), so I can’t do any photo walks. Hopefully tomorrow will be better. If it’s not, I may have to, uh, expand the weekend into Monday, since I have to turn in 25 photos for the New New York Photography Corps (say that five times fast) project by Wednesday.

You can see the photos I’ve uploaded so far in my NNYPC set at Flickr.

Help me out by voting for the best ones (add a comment on the photos you like, or list them here).

I took these photos on one long photo-walk day last weekend. I quickly skimmed through the set to find the ones I thought best told the story of how NYC has changed in the last 8 years (our brief for this first section of the New New York Photography Corps); I may look through again to see if there are more hiding in the +400 photos from that day (I’m also learning a new photo organizing software, so it’s not exactly a fluid process yet). We were asked to include pictures from at least 3 boroughs (I did Brooklyn, Queens, and Manhattan so far). I should probably include some more actual architecture in the next set…

More photos soon, and I’m looking forward to the next part when we’ll have a more focused assignment (a few particular blocks in the city to document instead of the whole city).  

So, yeah–comment on the pictures you think are best so far. Thanks!



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