More Evidence of Addiction

More photos for the New New York Photography Corps are now up on Flickr. The ones I submitted to the NNYPC are named catasterist-01 &etc. The others (along with about 500 others I haven’t uploaded) didn’t make the cut for one reason or another. The photos are all tagged the way we were asked, and also added to Flickr’s map feature, which is a pain in the ass to do, but pretty cool.  The interface is a bit buggy—I can’t seem to get the dots for all of the pictures to show up at once, but you get the idea. I can’t show you everyone else’s pictures because it’s a private group, but there will be some kind of show around January or so (and I’m betting it will have a major online component), so stay tuned.

I could still be taking pictures now—and don’t think I wasn’t tempted—but when my camera battery ran out I realized my own battery had also run out and I dove underground to head home. I had to get underground fast, or I’d walk every block bemoaning the missed photos. Once I get into photo gear it’s surprisingly hard to stop. Everything could be a beautiful picture if you compose it right, wait for the light to be right, choose the right exposure, and steady your hand. More pictures!

So I cut myself off for phase one of this project—I gotta deal with the collapsing ceiling in the bathroom. And sometime soon we should be getting assigned a neighborhood to document in depth. I’m looking forward to that. Trying to document an entire city in a couple of weekends is not a small task. Also, hopefully, some professional architectural photographers will look at our pictures soon and explain to us the secret of perfect pictures.



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