Have I Been Studying?

have I been studying?

Yes, the answer is yes. It’s been a while since I made flash cards, skimmed summaries, printed study guides, and readreadread. I’m having flashbacks to GRE studying, to grad school finals cramming, and all kinds of earlier info uploads to the old brain.

I’m studying for the LEED GA test, so I can put those LEED GA letters after my name (everybody likes letters, right?) and so people will, theoretically, believe I can design green buildings. And everybody likes green, right?

So, yes, I’ve been reading such fascinating texts as The Treatment by LEED of the Environmental Impact of HVAC Refrigerants (hopefully I will remember the differences between CFCs, HFCs, and HCFCs); I’ve been trying to sort out the differences between ANSI/ASTM E799-03 and ANSI/ASHRAE 52.2-1999; and I’ve been sorting through enough acronyms to choke a horse (if the USGBC is making a program called LEED, you can bet it will be chock full of acronyms).

I’m aiming to take the test shortly before Thanksgiving, so until then it’s all LEED all the time. Forgive me if I neglect other things (including this blog). I will, however, be making time to work on the NNYPC (more acronyms!)—we just got our next assignments. I will post here when they’re up on Flickr.

Oh, and maybe I’ll find time to write about our visit last weekend to Philip Johnson’s Glass House in New Canaan, Connecticut. But until then, check out the Flickr pics.



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3 Responses to “Have I Been Studying?”

  1. John C

    Ha. I’m in full ARE studying mode. Not fun. Good luck!

  2. Jo

    Caught your post on my google alerts for GA’s – make sure you follow the GA Guide Book reccomendations – I passed in July – after failing the AP (2.2) test by 7 points – the GBCI slips in several obscure questions form the study guide reccomended info – and the fact that I had studied for the AP test helped – you def need knowledge of the credits. GOOD LUCK!
    Jo A. Gallo, LEED GA (dig my letters)

  3. Kirsten

    Thanks, Jo–I’m definitely planning to take a look, though the list is intimidatingly long. Congratulations!

    And good luck to you, too, John. We can trade LEED/ARE war stories/tips later…