Current Events

Wondering what I’ve been up to lately? All kinds of things!

  • My blog post on Brooklyn Makes was reblogged onto Urban Omnibus. I’m now an official collaborator and everything.
  • A couple of pictures of Brooklyn Makes will appear in local neighborhood paper the Greenline early next month.
  • I have a new ceiling in my bathroom. Yes! (Pictures to come.)
  • Phase 2 of the New New York Photography Corps is on… expect to see more pictures soon!
  • Paul and I went to Philip Johnson’s glass house in Connecticut, which is called the Glass House, coincidentally. There will be a full report this weekend on this very website. With pictures.
  • I’ve started studying for the LEED GA exam. What is LEED GA you ask? Well, after I pass the exam I’ll be able to put the letters ‘LEED GA’ after my name. How cool is that? LEED stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, and GA stands for Green Associate. There’s another test I’ll have to take later to get AP, which is better than GA (plus there’s still those 7 killer ARE exams to get my license), but letters are cool. I’ll tell you all about the wonderful world of LEED in an upcoming post, but basically the letters mean I could help you design a green, eco-friendly building, interior, or neighborhood. I could do that now, but people seem to find the letters reassuring.

So yes, many forthcoming posts as soon as I catch my breath. But for now, back to the architecting.



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