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Last night I went to the first meeting of the New New York Photography Corps (NNYPC). The first ‘new’ is meant to imply that this is modeled on a WPA project, though we’re, uh, volunteers (hey, Obama–another stimulus package?) We’re going to be photographing New York City, to tell the story of the cities changes by showing where things are at now. Eventually we’ll be assigned a specific area (or areas?) to photograph, but our assignment for the first 2 weeks is to submit 25 photos from at least 3 boroughs. I imagine there will be a lot of pictures of half-finished condo buildings, so I’m trying to think beyond that. I’ve also got to strategize time-wise–with the shorter days of autumn there’s basically no light left once I get home from work. Hello weekend.

The coolest part of the project (and what motivated me to apply) is that a bevy of kick-ass famous architectural photographers are advising, criting, and curating the process (and the show at the end). I’m hoping to glean their secrets before it’s all over, though the opening gathering doesn’t bode well. They barely got a word in, and as soon as one of them mentioned the words “RAW file” most everyone’s faces glazed over and the topic was hastily changed. Tell me more!

Here’s their description of the show (which will be in January, I believe): “New New York 6 will specifically examine the period in New York since 2001, considering how the policies and priorities of the Bloomberg administration, a frenzied economy, and an increasing interest among the public in architecture and design combined to dramatically transform the shape of the city. The goal of the exhibition is to identify how the city changed during an unusually manic period of development, in order to inform a citywide conversation about the future shape of the city.”

OK, time to get thinking, and photographing…  if you have any ideas or suggestions, let me know!



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