A Few Things About Chicago

Long overdue, here are a few of my observations on Chicago, not really a narrative, just some memories.

A question: why are the fire hydrants so small?  
How do they find them in the snow?


The sewer covers are lovely spider-web like plates, with fish added in the park to remind you that whatever washes down there will soon be swimming with the fishes.


Chicago has TONS of great signage. Neon, neon, neon!

It’s just everywhere. And a lot of great non-neon signs, like the giant anthropomorphic hot dogs on top of Superdawg.

Chicago is also full of two other things I love: delicious food and architecture.
Marina City downtown:

Despite a sincere attempt to see all the architecture and eat all the food, we came no where near accomplishing either task.  Though I did also manage to track down the uber famous (among architects) Carson, Pirie, Scott & Co. building (no longer a department store) by Louis Sullivan. Sadly the base (one of the main points of the building) was covered with scaffolding. Oh well—the upper stories were still an impressive site, and I’ll just have to add it to the list for next time!

The rest of the trip, including a brief jaunt up to Milwaukee (Frozen custardPastrami! Mini-bowling!), and a stop to see Frank Lloyd Wright’s Johnson Wax Building (notable for it’s ultra-cool glass tube windows, among other things) is visible in full color over at Flickr.



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