Objects in Nature: Rune Guneriussen

Chicago was fantastic! But I’m busy catching up with laundry, bills &etc and haven’t yet had time to get the pix from my cameras to the computer and onward to the internets. So more on that later.

For now, feast your eyes on the beautiful art of Norwegian photographer Rune Guneriussen. I am in love with these. Sadly, they are way out of my price range. But happily freely internetable:



and I think this is my favorite:

You can see more images in the gallery section of his site.

I love the way these photos straddle the border between artifice and nature. The compositions and narratives are compellingv—I feel like I’m witnessing important moments in the secret histories of objects. Have the lamps escaped? Are the globes’ intentions peaceful? What do the chairs wish for? The dialog between the objects and their context is evocative—you can almost hear the crunch of snow beneath the lamps as the hop along, or the rush of water around the legs of the chairs. I’m going to come back to these images the next time I need to think about the interaction between a building and its context.



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