I have a home in this uncommon symmetry
there’s solace in a singular geometry
these strange things they always speak to me
help me find my axonometry 


There’s one drawing by Mies that keeps popping up in my head lately. I first came across the drawing, which is a plan for a brick house, on the cover of a huge architecture history book I read cover to cover twice in an attempt to prepare myself for architecture grad school. The book is called Modern Architecture Since 1900. The drawing is more of a conceptual diagram than an actual plan, but it balances right on that sweet spot between abstraction and representation. I love that spot. I could live in that spot.

Moma seems to own the actual drawing, and maybe some time they’ll let me have a look at it. And hopefully I’ll get to see some Miesian architecture in Chicago this weekend. Yessss.



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2 Responses to “Axonometry”

  1. Greg L

    I LOVE this drawing!

  2. Kirsten