You Know Who Is Cool?

Terunobu Fujimori is the answer to the question posed in the title. Or at least one answer I recently discovered. I was catching up on the May issue of Dwell, and to be honest feeling like maybe the $19.95 (or whatever it was the subscription cost) was a waste when I came to this article. I don’t always 100% love his buildings, but I appreciate their sense of humor, their sense of history, and their straight up kookiness. 

Fujimori is an architectural historian who became an architect when he was offered a commision for a small museum in his hometown. He somehow manages to combine bits of architectural history from around the world with a very Japanese aesthetic and a sense of humor about architecture and its role in our daily lives.

He has an interesting working method—he draws and makes models himself, then hires grad students to flesh out the design and then hires professionals to do the structural and electrical work. Finally he frequently assembles a loose collective of friends to help complete the more artistic aspects of the building, like planting leeks in the roof.

The result is a wonderful amalgamation of art and craft, humor and intellect. Cool.



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