Floor + One Word

I went to the High Line yesterday. I think I didn’t fully appreciate it for many reasons, so I’ll go back another time. For now, a one word review:  cinematic.

On notcot I saw a review of a nearby restaurant I’d also like to return to:  The Standard Grill (under the High Line, though most of the hotel it’s in looms over it). A floor of pennies! How awesome is that? Reminds me of art I love, like Tom Friedman’s poetic assemblages of everyday substances like toothpicks, eraser shavings, and detergent. (The Manufractured show in Portland covered a lot of similar territory.) LTL‘s casting of coffee lids for a wall in the sadlly defunct Ini Ani café (which I’ve mentioned before) was in the same spirit, as is much of the work of Rural Studio, including the repurposing of discarded tires for the walls of Yancy Chapel, among many others.

Man, I love that kind of stuff. It reminds us that things are things, or as the theorists would say, it reifies abstracted objects, thus diminishing the constant contextual alienation inherent in the modern condition. Hey, so it’s a kind of re-reification! Wouldn’t you agree?



* Reification means slightly different things in different fields, but more or less translates to normal-speak as ‘thing-ification.’



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