Every Day, Right?

How often do you wonder what a storm drain would look like before it went in the ground?

Like every day, right? What a coincidence—me, too! Well, allow your curiosity to be satisfied. Witnessed on Carmine Street near 6th Ave in front of Joe’s Pizza:



This impressive prouct of General Foundries Inc. hails all the way from India. Note pigeon for scale. Behind the storm drain is the catchment thingy:



(The piece in front in the picture above is the frame the drain sits in.)  It’s big! bigger than my bathroom, I believe.

Pretty cool, huh?



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2 Responses to “Every Day, Right?”

  1. Paul Lukas

    They installed a few dozen of these in my hometown about 15 yrs ago. Every block had one of these things sitting on the curb for weeks until they were finally installed. It was ugly but sort of appealing surreal.

  2. Kirsten

    I do like the crispness of it, though a nicer design would do a lot for street beautification.

    Mostly I just like seeing this iceberg–usually hidden underground except for its tip–standing out in the daylight. I’ll be glad when the construction chaos is over, though.