Pittsburgh was fantastic. Actually, I’m sure Pittsburgh continues to be fantastic, but you know what I mean. We flew out last week, early (early!) Thursday morning and rode home Sunday night on the crest of the Very Big Storm (which, by the way, I’m glad finally arrived–I was getting nervous that we hadn’t had our traditional end of winter gotcha! snow).

Between the two brief jettings stretched four whole days (with a bit of travel-time selvage) chock full of urban explorations. I will have to return after more sleep to give a complete accounting of our adventures, but you can see all the pictures on Flickr, and I will book-end it for you by saying we started at the Andy, ended up at the Aviary (followed by Max’s), and there were many bridges, tunnels, and funiculars in between. (Well, OK, only the one funicular actually.) Also that a pair of expert Pittsburghians (check out their website) showed us all over town one afternoon, which was a real treat.

Pittsburgh is the real deal, man.

[Details to follow...]


PS:  In case you were wondering where we stayed:




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