A Plan Is Just a Maplet by Another Name

I must look like a bit of a slacker with my irregular posting schedule, and I do in fact have an interesting post saved away, but I’m too tired now to work it into some kind of coherent form, so that one will have to wait for later in this Very Busy Week.

For now, let me return to my map fetish with this fine example:

now here's a plan:

So far in this Very Busy Week I’ve spent a lot of time with plans, and I’ve been thinking about their relationship to maps… I hadn’t really thought about it before, but maps and plans are basically the same thing. (A plan, usually, is a section cutting through the world at about 3 feet off the ground and looking down at the result with no perspective. But a roof plan, for example, usually doesn’t cut through anything—it’s just a close-up map of a particular building.)

Maps, as I’m sure you’re well aware, are always trying to sell you an angle. They have a purpose—documenting a voyage, planning an invasion, selling someone’s view of the world as the right and proper view—but any map worth its salt can, of course, be repurposed. But regardless, maps imply action. Like, you know, a plan of action.

The above map, obviously, is a guide to avoiding treacherous shoals, namely coconut cremes. Blech.



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