While Luncheoning

A few of the things I saw at lunch today, with notes:

dystopiaSometimes dystopias can be beautiful. These are two mosaics from the Houston Street 1 stop of the subway being under the sea and populated by all kinds of sea creatures. Dispite the fact that while looking at these I am under the ground not far from the Hudson River, these mosaics always seem calm to me. There is a lot of great art (and some not so great art) in the subway stations of New York, but these mosaics are some of my favorites. 




18thI got off at the 18th Street stop. Look at that font, those serifs, the shifting weight of the strokes on the 8, the halo of darker tiles around the text (is there a name for this?), and, most especially, the lovely dots underscoring the “TH.” Sometimes the din and the rats and the plastic chairs make me forget there are so many lovely things in the tunnels beneath New York.




connectionThe sidewalk is full of mysterious lids and holes and contraptions; this small belly-button on 7th Avenue revealed its function today as a hookup for fuel oil. The smell was increadible. And now the building can warm itself against the cold. Also, check out that amazing snowflake shaped wrench—it  was all I could do not to nab it.




a table; a chairThe interval between the lovely but rather low chair (a knockoff of an Eames plywood lounge chair) I sat in at Cafe Grumpy and the highish table was just enough to make me feel a little kid-like without making me feel uncomfortable. Like an unusual musical interval it evoked an emotional reaction I didn’t recognize until I got up to leave. So interesting how the smallest spaces between things can be affecting like that.



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